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Friday, July 22, 2005

Probably not good news

From: Strategy Page:
Russia will upgrade Iran's three Kilo class subs, so that they can fire cruise missiles (launched from one of the six torpedo tubes of the Kilos), and be generally more capable. Iran got these subs from Russia between 1992-94.
The missile in question is the SS-NX-27 "Club-S" which is based on the older SS-N-21 cruise missile. The Club-S actually comes in three versions, one for attacking ships, another for land targets and another, with a homing torpedo, for going after submarines. All versions weigh about a ton and are about the same size as a 21 inch (533mm) torpedo. The anti-ship and land attack versions have a range of 220 and 300 kilometers respectively. The anti-sub version has a range of 50 kilometers. In addition to wiring the Iranian Kilos for the new missiles, there will be other upgrades and additions to equipment."

More info on the missiles here.

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