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Friday, July 08, 2005

MIUWU 101 and IBU 14 Get Ready

Reported here. training to provide maritime security:
During the exercise, the units escorted ships and protected them from other boats playing the role of opposition forces. They were also tested on their restraint and response to boats entering restricted waters.
“We want to make sure that the core mission areas they will be responsible for (in the Persian Gulf) are well covered - meaning high value asset protection both underway and pier side,” said Chief Boatswain’s Mate Steve Johnson, from the Naval Coastal Warfare Group (NCWGRU) 1, the command observing and grading the exercise.
“Ever since the Cole and Sept. 11, force protection missions have come to the forefront. This is one of the primary missions in the Navy right now,” said Johnson. “These units are responsible for a lot of lives in the Gulf, so the skills we’ve given them help them be sharp and ready to go.”
The Commanding Officer of MIUWU 101, Cmdr. Andrew Howard, said both units are ready.
“Today’s training went well and the group performed admirably,” said Howard.
Both units trained together for a month and a half leading up to this evaluation. To the commander of MIUWU 101, the training was essential.
“Training is critical, because you won’t have enough time during a firefight to make decisions that must be made on a second’s notice,” said Howard.
Good training. Before we deployed for Desert Storm, we had never worked with the Coast Guard Port Security Unit we met up with...

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