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Friday, July 29, 2005

North Korea News in a Nutshell

StrategyPage sums it up for you: here:
July 28, 2005:-The negotiations with North Korea are continuing, but
are as pointless as all the earlier ones have been. This time around, the North Koreans are insisting that the United States get its nuclear weapons out of South Korea. But the U.S. insists that these weapons are gone. The North Koreans will not accept these assurances, so you can see where all this is going.

July 26, 2005:-About 30 percent of North Korea's 23 million people are starving once more. International food aid donations have dried up because of suspicions that the government was diverting the food aid to other uses. NorthKorea would not allow the foreign food aid groups to confirm that the food was going to the people that needed it most.

July 25, 2005:-India has alerted its navy and customs officials to be on the look out for a North Korean cargo ship thought to be carrying weapons.North Korea is known to be active in the illegal arms trade, and have been caught selling and moving illegal weapons into India before.

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