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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cougar Ace stable, listing 60 degrees

Car carrier Cougar Ace still afloat and holding at 60 degrees list, it says here. And, probably, except for an intervening storm, the ship will probably stay afloat until salvage crews arrive to tow her. I note from prior photos that her screw was out of water, so self propulsion not likely in her current position.

Some rescue photos here.

UPDATE: Faulty ballast tank shift at fault? Owner says so here:
The owner of a cargo ship that was crippled when it listed almost completely on its side said Wednesday that the problem occurred when its ballast tank was adjusted in the open seas of the North Pacific.
The mishap appeared to have been caused by insufficient stability within the vessel, not by a collision or outside flooding, said Greg Beuerman, a spokesman for Tokyo-based Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, which owns the 654-foot car carrier.

"There clearly was imbalance in the intake of ballast water. The company investigation ultimately will tell us what caused that imbalance," he said.
4700 Mazda cars hang in the balance. Zoom.

UPDATE2: And a primer on the Free Surface Effect. You know, just until the owner's investigation comes up with something.

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