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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cruise ship "lurch"

Reported here:
A cruise ship listed sharply off Port Canaveral, Florida, injuring at least 93 passengers, 16 of them seriously, according to the Cape Canaveral Fire Department.

Two victims were airlifted to local hospitals, according to paramedics that the Coast Guard transported to the ship as it returned to port. Ten ambulances, three helicopters, four buses and mass-casualty trailers were on hand as the vessel arrived at the port.
The New York-bound ship developed a problem with its rudder, causing it to take a "heavy roll," listing hard to one side about two hours after its departure from Port Canaveral, the Coast Guard said.
UPDATE: Video interview with some passengers available here in which they describe a "hard right turn" with an attendant left roll (ships do that). On board a destroyer it is sometimes done to check whether the ship is secured for sea. On a 113,000 ton cruise ship it seems odd that your steering would fail in a "hard right rudder" position instead of simple maintaining heading.

Standby for lawsuits.

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