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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Latest ICC CCS Piracy report (to 17 July 06)

Latest ICC Commerical Crime Services piracy report here. Highlights:

-15.07.2006 at 1200 LT in posn: 05:16.00S - 106:07.80E, enroute to Batam from Merak, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with pistols approached a tug towing a barge. Four pirates boarded and assaulted crew causing injuries. They stole crew belongings and ship's equipment and escaped in a speedboat.

-13.07.2006 at 1020 UTC in posn: 10:12S - 112:15E, south of Java island, Indonesia / Indian Ocean.
Six boats (2 boats - white hull, 4 four boats - black hull) approached a bulk carrier from stern. Each boat had five masked persons dressed in black clothes. Boats came close to stern and alert crew mustered and ship altered course. Boats aborted attempt and moved away.
The latter incident, involving 30 masked men is noteworthy for that reason and the location, the approximate location of which is marked on the map.

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