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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ethiopia moves into Somalia

Reported here:
A column of Ethiopian trucks, more than 100-strong and including armoured cars, have crossed into neighbouring Somalia.
A BBC reporter has seen Ethiopian troops in uniform in Baidoa, the base of the weak interim government.

Ethiopia denies it has sent in troops, but had warned it would crush Islamists who had moved to within 60km of Baidoa.

The Union of Islamic Courts (UIC), which control much of southern Somalia, say they never intended to attack Baidoa and have pulled troops back.
Ethiopia's Information Minister Berhan Hailu told Reuters news agency in Addis Ababa that they would use "all means at our disposal to crush the Islamist group if they attempt to attack Baidoa".

Mr Bereket told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme that "Ethiopia is in a position to defend itself to ensure the stability of the Horn of Africa".

"If the Islamic courts led by the Jihadists are attacking Baidoa, we have told them we will not let them do it.
In case there was any doubt, Somalia is still a mess.

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