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Monday, July 17, 2006

Somalia- the summary 17 July 06

Found here.

UPDATE: A rejection of peacekeepers for Somalia here:
One of Somalia's Islamist leaders has warned the international community against sending peacekeepers, as diplomats meet to discuss the issue.
Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys said there was no need for peacekeepers, as the Union of Islamic Courts have reunited the capital under their control.
Mr Aweys said the question of peacekeepers was distracting the government from what he said was the more important question of peace talks.

"We are urging them to come to the negotiating table to avoid further confusion," he said.

The UIC controls much of southern Somalia but another Islamist leader, Sheikh Sherif Sheikh Ahmed has been quoted denying reports the Islamist forces were planning to attack the government at its base in Baidoa, 200km from Mogadishu.

"We are making it clear that we are not planning to attack Baidoa, Kismayo or any other third region in the country. We want to work with whoever who wants to return peace to Somalia," he said, according to the Somalia's Puntlandpost website.

Some fear that Somalia could descend into renewed conflict between the UIC and the government, possibly involving regional and international players.
Remember Somliland and Puntland are working to be independent of Somalia.

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