Monday, July 24, 2006

Interesting thoughts: The Wedgie in the Middle East

Nice commentary by a retired US Navy officer on The Wedge as Tactical Tool: What is Hezbollah Doing and What is the US Strategy?.
Iran's strategy for international relations can be summed up in these three simple words: wedge, isolate and destroy. Iran chose this strategy to deal with the most heinous place and people it can imagine on earth: Israel and the Jews. Iran uses this strategy in its dealing with the UN. And we see this strategy applied to relations with "the Great Satan," the United States.

Often nations use the wedge as a tactic to divide allies arrayed against them in hopes that this divided counter-force will make the principal enemy subject to isolation and destruction. How Iran and Hezbollah plan to isolate and destroy Israel, especially given the strong and historic support from the United States, remains to be seen. But we are seeing evidence of the use of wedge tactics in Hezbollah and Iranian actions as well as the US response.
The author is identified as John E. Carey whose blog Peace & Freedom is also recommended.

UPDATE: Is this the same John E. Carey? If so, well...it doesn't mean his assessment in all things is flawed.

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