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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka fighting goes on

The Tamil Tigers remain active as reported here:
Two Sri Lankan army personnel have been killed and at least 12 injured in a landmine attack by suspected Tamil Tiger rebels, officials say.
"An army bus was hit by a Claymore mine on the Jaffna peninsula," military spokesman Brigadier P Samarasinghe is quoted as saying by Reuters.

The attack comes after one person was killed in a similar attack on Tuesday.

Violence has spiralled in Sri Lanka in recent months, claiming about 700 lives and undermining a 2002 truce.
The Tigers are generally recognized as innovators in their terrorist - er- guerrilla tactics.

Sri Lanka has paid a heavy price:
The conflict has killed about 64,000 people, displaced one million and held back the island's growth and economic development.

Some estimates suggest that the government has spent up to 5% of gross domestic product on defence in recent years.
An earleir post on the Tamil Tiger Maritime force, which many believe could be a model for other terrorist organizations, here.

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