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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Iran: Anti-ship missile off Lebanon? Not one of ours

Aljazeera says:
Nehushtan said Hezbollah had launched an Iranian-made missile at the vessel.

"This shows very profound thumbprints of Iranian involvement in Hezbollah," he said.

An Israeli military source separately said that a C802 radar-guided missile with a range of 100 kilometres had been fired at the ship as it sat off the coast, enforcing a blockade on Lebanon's ports after two Israeli soldiers were abducted on Wednesday.

"This is sophisticated weaponry," the Israeli military source said. "This is advanced weaponry that is being supplied by one terrorist state [Iran] to another."

It was thought that a second land-to-sea missile had hit and sank an Egyptian merchant ship but it has since emerged that it was a Cambodian merchant vessel that was hit.

The 12 Egyptian sailors on board survived the attack and were collected from the water by other passing ships.

Iran has denied involvement and their embassy in Beirut has released a statement saying: "These accusations by Israeli officials are baseless and constitute an attempt to escape reality and cover up the impotence of this regime in the face of resistance and the Lebanese people."
Call in CSI.

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