Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Thursday, October 09, 2008

How low the Dow?

Asks TigerHawk of his readers and get some interesting thoughts in the comments:
Sirius Sir: "An Obama win is being preloaded into the market right now. Bottom between 6-7000"

Anonymous: "Betting on bottom in January (November Republican retirees dump stocks, December the press can't help but bewail the Oncoming Disastrous Christmas Holiday, January the Crowning of the King becomes the news headline of the day and investors get out of the MSM fueled panic mode they have been running) Probably 8000 or so."

Jummyk 01: "While everyone focuses the blame on the asset swap, 'err, Bailout, the real reason the markets continue tanking is the markets anticipate a Barry H. Obama White House, and a Demo House and Senate.

DJIA 7559, November 1st, 2008."
Are, as these comments suggest, some savvy investors voting with their feet as the other vote looms?

The Dow closed at 9258 yesterday.

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