Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Somali Pirates Lose a Ship to Somali Locals

Internal action against some Somali pirates results in the ship being freed:
Security forces of the northeastern Somali region on Tuesday freed an abducted ship carrying commercial goods for Somali businesspeople after a gun battle with pirates off the coast of Somalia, local official said.

"After long gun fight, our forces were able to overpower the pirates and take over the ship which is now heading for the port of Bossaso," Farah Ali, regional deputy minister for national security, told Xinhua.

Ali said that there were casualties on both sides but declined to give figures.

The ship, laden with commercial goods for local businesspeople, was abducted this week off Somali coast as it tried to dock at the port of Bossaso where piracy and hostage taking has been rampant.
This is the second time the local security forces were able to free an abducted ship from pirates who are often better trained and well equipped than the local forces.

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