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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Somali Pirates: French Shuttle Escorts in the Gulf of Aden

The French Navy, as part of an EU commitment, will be offering an escort shuttle service in the Gulf of Aden as set out in this piece by Patrick Cullen, "Fighting Gulf of Aden piracy":
.... earlier this week, the European Union's Brussels-based anti-piracy "cell" announced that two French naval vessels had been deployed to the Gulf of Aden to offer escort services to commercial shipping. By publicly posting their positions and departure times, these French corvettes are offering the security of their proximity to any vessels that are willing or able to sail at this timetable. Moreover, this east-west (and back again) escort service is simply the vanguard of a larger 10-country EU naval force expected to be deployed to the Gulf of Aden by the end of the year.
Great idea. Good for the EU and especially for France.

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