Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday (and beyond) Reading

Fred Fry's Maritime Monday 131 @gCaptain.com,with enough maritime links to make salt water flow in your veins. And photos of J.Poulsen Shipping ships which carry an astonishing collection of things.

Towmasters on Death on the River Clyde reminds of the unforgiving nature of sea related activities.

The Skeptical Bureaucrat has a thing on Terrorism Alert Fatigue.

Armies of Liberation posts Open Letter to President Saleh on the 8th Anniversary of the USS Cole Attack, Saleh being the president of Yemen, where the attack occurred, and the author of the letter being a parent of one of the sailors murdered by the terrorist bomb.

Betsy Newmark bids farewell to a hero.

Spook86 has a look at some more heroes.

The Unofficial Coast Guard Blog has an ice breaker Naming contest. You know, in case, we ever get around to providing real jobs for Americans by building such things...

And Coast Guard News has a thrill for you private pilots and/or air observesrs - a video invitation to join the Coast Guard Auxiliary Aviators, who are out there volunteering to serve their country.

Custodian, over at Information Dissemination discusses (in a Part I) everyone's favorite topic, Naval Surface Fire Support (that's Naval guns at work for the lay persons).

Molten Eagle has an illuminating post involving blimps, submarines and searchlights.

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