Monday, January 24, 2011

Somali Pirates: Threaten Korean Hostages Due to Attack

Report by the Chosun Ilbo -Somali Pirates Threaten to Kill Korean Hostages:
Somali pirates on Sunday threatened to kill any Korean sailors they take hostage in the future in revenge against the Korean Navy killing eight pirates on Friday when it stormed a hijacked vessel in the Indian Ocean to rescue the crew.

"We never planned to kill but now we shall seek revenge," a pirate who identified himself as Mohamed told Reuters by phone. "We shall never take a ransom from Korean ships, we shall burn them and kill their crew."

"We shall redouble our efforts. Korea has put itself in trouble by killing my colleagues," he added. The pirate is reportedly from Garad, one of the two pirate havens in Somalia.

More video of the Korean action.

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  1. Gee you think the ROK would hesitate to order NGFS on a Somali pirate port if they started doing that?
    It isn't like the NORKs or maybe the pirates haven't figured that out yet.