Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arizona: The Actual Statute

Don't embarrass yourself, read the real Arizona Immigration Statute here.

Funny, they left out the part about "racial profiling" that I've heard about all day on the radio from callers in New York, North Carolina and people in Chicago.


  1. Seems quite simple and straightforward. You have to provide the same information for a traffic stop, or even during a Terry Stop. Looks like AZ has this one down pat, and the squealers are squealing either because they have not read it, or they have, and see that they have no valid counter argument.

  2. Old salt3:50 PM

    Washington cannot understand it because it wasn't more than 2000 pages long. They have no excuse not to read it.

  3. Anonymous8:04 AM


    Sort of says it all!!

  4. Kapt. Klint9:42 AM

    Round up the illegals and bus them to Washington DC. The politicos in Washington DC are worried about them so let them take care of them.