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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Somali Pirates: Spain Bags Some Pirates

Reported by MSC(HOA):
26/04/2010 13.30 UTC

The EU NAVFOR warship ESPS VICTORIA yesterday intercepted a pirate action group (PAG) comprising one mother ship, a “Whaler”, and two skiffs.
The suspected pirates were detected by the frigate's helicopter 40 miles from the Somali coast north west of the Seychelles. The helicopter crew saw that the mother ship was carrying a large number of fuel drums, and also the normal paraphernalia for hijacking ships (ladders, hooks, etc); there was no fishing gear on board.
EU NAVFOR warship closed the PAG position and, following the orders of the EU NAVFOR Force Commander Jan Thörnqvist, a search was conducted with no opposition from the pirates. The boarding party confirmed the suspicions that these vessels were being used with the intent to carry out acts of piracy.
All the suspects were then put into one of the skiffs and given the necessary equipment to reach the Somali coast. Victoria then proceeded to destroy the other vessels.
Spanish Navy release here.

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  1. I wanna see the whaler attack the victim. 8-12 guys frantically rowing away, with the harpooner in the bow poised to strike home, and the container ship then takes them for a Nantucket Sliegh Ride to Los Angeles.