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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Somali Pirates: Turkish Freighter Taken

Reported here by MSC(HOA):
Pirates hijack Turkish Bulk Carrier off the Somali coast
07/04/2010 17.28 UTC

The Turkish flagged Bulk Carrier YASIN C was hijacked earlier today approximately 250 Nautical Miles east of Mombasa.
The YASIN C, with deadweight of 36 318 tonnes, left the IRTC almost one week ago and was heading to Mombasa. The Turkish owned and operated YASIN C has a crew of 25 and all are believed to be Turkish. It is understood that first reports of the attack on the ship came from the NATO Turkish warship GELIBOLU that received distress calls from the YASIN C. EU NAVFOR, who works closely with NATO and CMF, continues to monitor the situation.
Photo from by Vladimir Knyaz and used in accord with the terms of that site.

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  1. As of today the ship is free again. It turned out that the crew stopped the ship and locked themself in a safe room inside machinery space. after 17 hours of wait one of them ventured to the outside to check the situation only to find the ship empty.

    The crew is in charge again and are sailing to Mombasa.