Landing the Big One

Landing the Big One

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Global War on Fascism

Excellent post at Dean's World Truth in Labeling:
Saddam Hussein's regime was classic fascist--it was modeled directly after Mussolini's Italy and Franco's Spain. Most of the "insurgents" in Iraq are fascists who benefitted from Saddam's regime. The rest are made up of religious fanatics who would impose a brutal theocratic rule instead.

In other words, the "insurgency" in Iraq is primarily made up of secular fascists and religious fascists.

So why do we keep pussyfooting around by calling them "Ba'athist" (which is just Arabic for "fascist"), islamic extremists, "insurgents," etc.? Let's call them all what they really are: fascists.

Isn't it time we stop calling it a "war on terrorism" and call it what it really is: a war against global fascism?

Furthermore, isn't it time we call the people who defend these fascists, who draw cheap moral equivalences between them and America, what they really are? They are fascist apologists and fascist sympathizers. It's all they really are, or ever have been.

To be clear, I'm not talking about everyday liberals or others who have issues with the Iraq liberation...

It 's certainly more appropriate than "insurgents" and "insurgent supporters."

Update: A relevant subject, this post by Major K at Strength and Honor titled "How low can they go?" and my comment thereto:
One of the differences between these "insurgents" and classic guerrilla forces seems to be their complete disinterest in winning the hearts and minds of the populations (and thus gathering popular support). As Mao wrote: "What is the relationship of guerrilla warfare to the people? Without a political goal, guerrilla warfare must fail, as it must, if its political objectives do not coincide with the aspirations of the people and their sympathy, co-operation, and assistance cannot be gained. The essence of guerrilla warfare is thus revolutionary in character. On the other hand, in a war of counter-revolutionary nature, there is no place for guerrilla hostilities. Because guerrilla warfare basically derives from the masses and is supported by them, it can neither exist nor flourish if it separates itself from their sympathies and co-operation. "
What the insurgents are up to amounts to plain and simple thuggery ...

You know, like fascists...

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