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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Slow to catch on, but he eventually got it

Quote of the day from OpinionJournal (registration required) - a piece about the former Swedish hostage who has taken out a contract on his captors - concludes with the quote of the day:
Likewise, Georges Malbrunot, one of two French hostages released in December, first did not understand why he and his colleague were held captive since their country had opposed the war. Eventually, though, Mr. Malbrunot came to understand. "Little by little, we came to discover we were really on planet bin Laden," he wrote in Le Figaro. "For them [the terrorists], France is the West, it's a global vision, it's the infidel West against the Muslim world."
Yep. The other side is playing this as "total" war and we better keep that in mind.

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