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Sunday, July 09, 2006

A book report on No Higher Honor

Curt at Chaotic Synaptic Activity has a review of No Higher Honor at his site. The book deals with the saving of USS Samuel B. Roberts after she struck a mine in the Persian Gulf in 1988.

In the book, Curt finds lessons in heroism, leadership and the vital importance of good training. Curt has an excellent background to judge such matters, including a tour as the Executive Officer of FFG-52 while it was deployed to the Persian Gulf .

As an aside, I know the marine surveyor who oversaw the loading of Roberts on the Dutch heavy lift vessel to bring her back for repair. A portion of the book involves that operation as can be seen at this No Higher Honor website and the photo shows the frigate loaded on the Mighty Servant.

Go see what Curt has to say.

UPDATE: The mine struck Roberts reminds me of the saga of USS Warrington (DD-843 which struck a mine off Vietnam in 1972 as reported here with more here, here. Unlike the Roberts, Warrington was too damaged to salvage and was towed back to Subic Bay, where she tied up alongside USS Pyro and her ammo was off loaded while her crew got some hot food and showers from Pyro. After the ammo offload, she was put in drydock for a damage assessment and later sold for scrap.

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