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Thursday, July 06, 2006

DPRK Missile Range -worst case scenario

From a report by North Korea Advisory Group submitted to the Speaker of the House in 1999.

Click on the graphic to make it bigger.

UPDATE: You know, there's a lot of Europe inside the outer ring...

UPDATE2: Oh, in case you've heard nonsense about this being GWB's fault, the 1999 report (you know, before Mr. Bush was elected) said:
Among the issues that need to be addressed are the following:

* Current U.S. policy is not effectively addressing the threat posed by North Korean weapons of mass destruction, missiles and their proliferation.

* U.S. assistance sustains a repressive and authoritarian regime, and is not effectively monitored.

* Current U.S. policy does not effectively address the issues posed by international criminal activity of the North Korean government, such as narcotics trafficking, support for international terrorism and counterfeiting.

* Current U.S. policy does not effectively advance internationally-recognized standards of human rights in North Korea, including liberating political prisoners and abolishing prisons for hungry children.

* Current U.S. policy does not effectively encourage the political and economic liberalization of North Korea.

UPDATE3: (7/7/06) Belmont Club notes some European interest in missile defense here.

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