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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

LNG offshore New England moving ahead

Reported here:
The offshore terminals would be invisible on the sea surface unless a tanker is moored. Underwater, there would be buoys, anchors, and the pipe carrying gas to shore. A ship carrying supercooled gas would dock, regasify the liquid on board and inject it into the underwater pipeline. Excelerate has proposed building a 16.4-mile pipeline to connect to New England's distribution network.

Environmentalists and government officials have liked the idea of offshore terminals because ships don't steam near populated areas. Public officials and residents near the Everett facility and proposed LNG terminals in populated areas, such as in Fall River, fear that a terrorist attack or catastrophic accident on one of the mammoth ships could cause widespread death and injury.

Construction of an offshore terminal would not force closure of the Everett terminal, New England's only operating LNG facility, but it may provide enough to meet New England's growing energy demand so that other projects wouldn't need to be built on land.
Will and way meet...

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