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Monday, July 10, 2006

"Marines Want Spaceplane"- Unh huh.

Out of the pages of Starship Troopers comes Marines Want Spaceplane:
Unlike the Air Force, Navy and Army, all three of which sponsor expensive satellite programs, the cash-strapped Marines are pushing just one space concept. It's called Small Unit Space Transport and Insertion, or SUSTAIN, and it's a reusable spaceplane meant to get a squad of Marines to any hotspot on Earth in two hours -- then get them out. The idea is to reinforce embattled embassies, take out terrorist leaders or defuse hostage situations before it's too late. "The Marine Corps needs [this] capability," Brig. Gen. Richard C. Zilmer told Congress in 2004.
I'm holding out for the transporter, myself. I just don't want to be the crewman in red.

More here with the great end line: "What’s next, a formal requirement for a time machine?"

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