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Saturday, September 02, 2006

The enemy speaks: Convert or die

Nice to have an idea where the enemy wants to go. As set out here, the "Future Jihad in America" video from is "a sample of what is on the mind of Salafi Jihadists for the United States and the West." Or as Whalid Phares puts it:
The video tape issued by al Qaeda’s “as-sahhab” production, in which Ayman Zawahiri introduces Jihadist Adam Gahdan to the world as a senior speaker to the American people on behalf of the movement, should be taken seriously.
Here's a hint where the war is headed:
In short, the “Azzam” video reconfirms clearly, in an English language that academic translators won’t be able to distort, that al Qaeda’s movement worldwide and in the United States is seeking total annihilation or conversion of the enemy: American and other democracies.
You know, convert or die.

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