Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Monday, September 04, 2006

Iranian ship sinks off Iraq

An Iranian ship (perhaps an integrated barge and tug?) has sunk off Iraq, it is reported here:
An Iranian barge was drowned in the Keren region in the Iraqi waters of the Persian Gulf on Monday, a high ranking military official said.

The barge carrying civilian commodities, including tires, blankets and detergents, was en route from the Emirates port of Sharja to the Iraqi port city of Abu Folous.

The military official stressed that sinking of such a vessel may not be the result of piracy, as local gangs and pirates are not equipped with the capabilities and possibilities needed for targeting such a ship.
UPDATE: Whatever is the Iranian "senior military official" implying? That forces, whoever they might be, in opposition to Iran took the ship down?

And, just for the record, there's not a whole lot of Iraqi water in between the boundaries indicated by the heavy blacklines on this map:

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