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Friday, September 29, 2006

Fighting voter fraud- getting serious

Andrew Samwick at Vox Baby has an interesting post on Voter Fraud, well worth the read. When even minimal measures of ensuring that only citizens vote are deemed to be "too burdensome" then something is broken.

Surely we can add a couple of bucks to the normal driver's license fees to provide a fund for issuing identity cards to those who cannot afford even the $12 fee in Arizona ($10 in North Carolina, Virginia, New York offers a senior discount ID card for non-drivers for $6.50, Florida $3) for such a card or even funding a system for having a portable ID shop travel to locations-such as senior centers- where the residents are unable to travel by themselves.

Professor Samwick notes that on Election Day, the logistics of getting these voters to the polls seem to be well-handled by the campaign staffs.

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