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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rogue wave lawsuit -Norwegian Dawn wins a round

Remember the Norewegian Dawn's encounter with a rogue wave in April 2005? As surely as the night follows the day, lawsuits were filed following the event. Now, however, plaintiffs' case got a little tougher. As reported here:
A federal judge has ruled in favor of NCL and against a group of passengers who were aboard the Norwegian Dawn in April 2005 when the cruise ship was hit by a rogue wave while sailing back to New York from the Caribbean.

Even though none of the guests or crew members suffered serious injuries when the unusually large wave hit the ship, breaking windows and flooding some passenger cabins, a group of angry passengers and their attorneys had sought certification for a class action suit.

But U.S. District Court Judge Ceciolia M. Altonaga on Sept. 12th denied their motion for class certification.

“We are pleased and gratified with Judge Altonaga’s decision that the lawsuit is not appropriate for class action status. From the outset, this frivolous lawsuit has existed only in the minds of the plaintiffs’ lawyers,” said NCL Corporation’s President and CEO Colin Veitch.
Early report on the lawsuits here.

And on rogue waves here at "What Rogue Wave Looks Like"

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