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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Georgia: Don't get suckered

It appears that some liberals are trying to allege that the Russian incursion into Georgia has as a precedent the U.S. action in Iraq. Don't get suckered into following that thinking. Even if you feel the Iraq war was not justified it was not started as an effort to carve out a chunk of soverign nation- when the U.S. leaves Iraq, Iraq will have its borders intact. Compare this to the intervention in Kosovo, in which a piece of sovereign state was cut out.

Kosovo, of course, happened on the Democrat's watch and they are seemingly anxious to cloud the issue of who established the precedent asserted by the Russians. For some thoughts on that precedent, see here and here.

Perhaps it matters little in the scheme of things as they exist, but just be aware that the liberals seem to be trying to avoid responsiblity (again) for things they set in motion.

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