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Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Reading

Fred Fry's Maritime Monday 123 at A look a Chilean ship operator and another maritime linkfest.

Interesting posts on the Russian Georgian mess at Milblogs. You can start with earlier posts and work your way up. Cdr Salamander also goes there with this, working off the "Kosovo precedent" concept the Russians have been arguing for years, as set out here and the links therein, as well as his own offerings here and here. And Galrahn has Russia Stands at the Crossroads. Some analysis from a National Review contributor here.

The laws of "unintended" and either "ignored" or "unforeseen" consequences are a bear. In this case, a Russian Bear.

Salamander also goes for one of the next great issues - the untapped resources of the Arctic and the coming confrontation here, at his "Maritime Strategy Monday." You might also see here and here and here and the links therein. Again the Bear looms large.

A "pirate hunter"? Sound more like a reaction force and rescue operator...

A look a history at Steeljaw Scribe's Flightdeck Friday, with a nice post on "Project Anvil" which is one reason JFK became a presidential candidate...

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