Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nigeria: Sea Pirates affecting food prices

Nigerian sea pirates are having an impact on the local economy as set out here:
The rise in price of fish and other sea foods in the state have been blamed on the incessant attacks on fishermen along the creeks and fishing ports by sea pirates.

The nefarious activities of the pirates have resulted in short supply of the produce to both traders and consumers.

As the rate of inflow of people to Port Harcourt increases by day, so the fish consumption rate increases against the fall in supply, giving way to rise in price.

Speaking to The Tide, a fisherman in Diobu area of Port Harcourt, Mr Jonar Inye said before now. he had the capacity of fishing all night with catches ranging from 70 to 100 kilogramme, but that now it is no more possible because” the militants and cult boys have taken over all the waterfront.

Inye lamented that” if you manage to sneak in and fish, soon as you anchor to off load on your arrival, they will come and seize all the fish at gunpoints, and even seize the boat and the fishing gears in some cases.”

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