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Friday, February 26, 2010

Fearless Navy Bloggers Take to the AIr: Midrats on Blog Talk Radio - Episode 10 Sea Control 2/28/2010

Episode 10 Sea Control 2/28/2010 - Midrats on Blog Talk Radio:
Is it,
  •  "... fundamentally, the ability to carry your, and your allies', commerce across the seas and to provide the means to project force upon a hostile, distant shore. A sea controller must limit the sea denial capabilities of the enemy."
  • "... control over distant regions, ... it must ultimately be decided by naval power, ..., which represents the communications that form so prominent a feature in all strategy."
  • "...the employment of naval forces, supported by land and air forces, as appropriate, to achieve military objectives in vital sea areas. Such operations include the destruction of enemy naval forces, the suppression of enemy sea commerce, the protection of vital sea lanes, and the establishment of local military superiority in areas of naval operations."
...or is it something else?

What does Sea Control mean in 2010 and where do we need to prepare be able to exercise it over the next decade?
Our guest will be someone well known to readers of this blog, Robert C. (Barney) Rubel, CAPT USN(Ret), The Dean of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies at the Naval War College.

Listen to Midrats on Blog Talk Radio

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