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Friday, February 19, 2010

Iran: New, Iranian-made "destroyer"

Iran is in the warship building business, as reported in Iran navy launches domestically made destroyer:
Iran's Navy on Friday took the delivery of the first indigenously designed and developed guided missile destroyer Jamaran in the presence of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

The Mowdge Class vessel has a displacement of around 1,420 tonnes and is equipped with modern radars and electronic warfare capabilities.

Jamaran, a multi-mission destroyer, can carry 120-140 personnel on board and is armed with a variety of anti-ship and surface-to-air missiles.

It has a top speed of up to 30 knots and has a helipad. It also features highly advanced anti-aircraft, anti-surface and anti-subsurface systems.

The vessel has also been equipped with torpedoes and modern naval cannons. The destroyer's launch marks a major technological leap for Iran's naval industries.

More ships in its class are under construction.

UPDATE: An older video of the ship under construction:

From Wikipedia some vitals:
Class and type: Jamaran class
Type: multi-mission destroyer/Guided missile destroyer
Displacement: 1,400 tonnes
Length: 94-meter (308-foot)
Beam: Unknown
Draught: Unknown
Speed: 30 knots
Complement: 120-140
Armament: surface-to-air guided missiles, torpedoes, modern naval cannons[3]
Aviation facilities: helipad

With a hat tip to New Wars, a video:

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