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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Maritime Security: The Very Sort of Proliferation We Don't Need

With a tip of the hat to, there are several issues presented by this commercial enterprise that offers convenient "missiles in shipping containers" that can be fired from highways, railroads and the sea. Product information:

Club-K Container Missile System is designated for hitting surface and land targets by 3М-54ТE, 3М-54ТE1 and 3М-14ТE cruise missiles.
Club-K Missile System can be installed on coastal positions, surface ships and vessels of different classes, railway and automobile platforms.

Club-K Missile System is housed in 40-feet standard marine container.
Functionally Club-K Missile System consists of Universal Launching Module (ULM), Combat Management Module (CMM) and Energy-Supply and Life-Support Module (ES&LSM).

The launcher with 4 missiles is housed in the Universal Launching Module. The ULM is designed for preparation and missile start-off from transport-launching containers.

Combat Management Module provides:
– every day servicing and scheduled missile control;
– receiving of target detection and commands to open fire
– combat support computation;
– pre-launch preparation;
– launch mission defining and cruise missile launching.

CMM and ES&LSM can be constructively arranged and made in the form of separate standard marine containers.

- Capability of usage from any land and sea platforms
- Efficiency of delivery and installation on carrier or coastal positions
- Hitting of surface and land targets
- Ability to increase the number of ammunition loads

Maximum range estimated to be 300 km (180 miles). See here.
Even with a conventional warhead not exactly the sort of "invention" the world really needs, is it? Toss on a biologic warhead and you have the potential for a real mess.

See also here.

And watch this video. (QuickTime)

The Heritage Foundation has a new video on missile defense "33 Minutes":
33 Minutes: Protecting America in the New Missile Age is a one-hour documentary produced by The Heritage Foundation that tells the story of the very real threat foreign enemies pose to every one of us. The truth is brutal - no matter where on Earth a missile is launched from it would take 33 Minutes or less to hit the U.S. target it was programmed to destroy.
That "less" part is worrisome.

Here is the trailer:


  1. The USA gave it to every single one of them,
    either directly or indirectly via its ally the USSR, from which is bought oil, piped through Iran till year 1985, and which ballistic deployments around the 3rd world it matched similarly, instead of cancelling that trend via political mutual collaberation.

  2. Uh, what? This is somehow the U.S.'s fault?

    That is just wacky.