Friday, February 03, 2006

Latest ONI World Wide Threat to Shipping (to 1 Feb 06)

For the latest ONI WWTTS go here and click on the date. Highlight:

1. SOMALIA: An unidentified bulk carrier was fired upon 27
Jan at 0645 local time while underway in position 11:55.0N 051:19.0E,
off Cape Guardafui, Somalia. Five pirates armed with machine
guns and rocket launchers in a speedboat fired at the bulk carrier.
Master took evasive maneuvers and activated SSAS; crew
mustered and started fire hoses. Pirates firing caused damage
to bridge windows and accommodation. They restocked
ammunition from a nearby wooden fishing boat and resumed firing.
An additional black steel hulled fishing boat came close and also fired
at the ship. A coalition warship responded to the alert and at 0740
local time a helicopter arrived and pirates ceased firing. At 0810
local time a coalition warship arrived at the scene (IMB).

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