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Thursday, February 02, 2006

"We have taken control of your ship, and we will be obeyed"

Interesting product testing press release notice here:
VIP Systems™ technology will allow the ship to be viewed from the central U.S. Port control location, at any time, and in the event of any terrorist takeover of the ship, the technology will allow the control location to turn-off the ship's engines and thereby disabling it.

All commands will be given through SkyPort International, Inc.'s robust secure satellite link which allows the operator to see the marine vessel at any time, or place in the world.

Picture from the VIP Industrial Solutions web site
Marine Video Security allows you to view a Cargo vessel/Tanker/Ship prior to its approach to a Country’s territorial waters. Marine Video Security allows you to be able to identify a respective Ship’s crew prior entering the Country’s territorial waters.

VIP Systems™ has pioneered an advanced new video surveillance system (Patent pending) that allows US Ports / Coast Guards real time monitoring and video/biometric data on all passenger and cargo ships’ / tankers’ the captain, crew, and civilians from virtually any point around the globe. The confirmation of biometric data along with real time video surveillance monitoring of crew, captain, and passenger is multi-casted (transmitted) from a satellite dish onboard the vessel. This data will be matched with registered files previously obtained and stored with the Port authority. In case of emergency the system offers capabilities to shutting-down the engines via the VIP ACTIVE ACTION CONTROL LINK. This system can play a vital role in the new security regulations and guidelines imposed by Congress related to the improvement in our homeland security structure.
Biometrics? Sort of like a really fancy OnStar for ships, I suppose...

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