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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Navy Riverines have to explain themselves to Congress: It's all about the money

Reported here, the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command has to dog & pony for more moola:
The new Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC), after hitting some rough waters in Congress this year, is working to raise lawmakers’ awareness about its mission in an effort to gain more support in future defense bills.

The NECC unifies existing Navy functions, such as naval construction (better known as the Seabees), logistics, ordnance disposal, diving and salvage, as well as maritime protection.

But the program’s creation of a riverine force, capable of fighting on river waters, is stirring up controversy on the Hill.

Traditionally, the Marine Corps, the Navy’s land component, has provided the riverine forces, and several lawmakers are concerned that the Navy is trying to duplicate something the Marines specialize in.
Marine Corps Protection Society at work? I don't remember much controversy over this during the Vietnam War (from whence the photo of the "Zippo" comes).

UPDATE: History of US Navy Riverine operations here. And a proud history it is!

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