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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Iowahawk somehow revealed secret Democrat plans

Some people complained that the Dems were a little weak on details on certain things. Not Iowahawk who made these revelations at iowahawk: Operation Steel Gazelle: A Smart, Multi-Slide Plan For Toughening American Security with Smartness on election day:
HARRY: Well Nancy, the first phase of our multi-faceted plan focuses on the number one key to restoring national security: getting Osama bin Laden. Even as we speak, this dangerous fugitive is still on the loose. As the leader of a Democratic majority in Congress, I will make sure that the head Army and Navy generals get a clear and unambiguous message: "Get Osama" is "Job One."

NANCY: But it is important to do smart too!

HARRY: That's right, Nancy. That's why our tough, no-nonsense emails to the generals will include pictures of Osama bin Laden, so they will know who to get.
No wonder it was so secret.

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