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Monday, November 13, 2006

South Korea says "No" to PSI and DPRK Sanctions

Unhelpful is how I would describe the decision described here:
Seoul on Sunday announced its final decision against full participation in the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI), which Washington has urged Seoul to join after Pyongyang's detonation of a nuclear device last month. "We agree on the principle of the PSI, but we made the decision considering the special circumstances on the Korean Peninsula,” an official said. The PSI is a loose coalition of countries aimed at stopping and searching North Korean vessels suspected of carrying weapons of mass destruction and related materials in international waters.
Nor will the government announce any additional measures under UN Security Council Resolution 1718 in a report to be submitted to the UNSC sanctions committee on Monday. "The UNSC sanctions committee came up with a list of restricted items based on five strategic goods control agreements including the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) which we have already joined,” an official said. “It has not determined what organizations and individuals fall under special restrictions, so there are no specific additional measures we need to take." As for luxury goods banned with the aim of reducing the regime’s creature comforts, Seoul will look at what other countries are doing and "reflect the measures in its future North Korea policy.”

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