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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Speaker Pelosi

All about her.

The Republic will survive.

Two years...

UPDATE: A revisit to Once Upon a Time There Were Democrats I Liked. I wonder if any of the current crowd can rise to the level of some of those men?

Of course, the Democrats booted out Joe Lieberman, who is now an Independent, though he says he'll still play with them, but see Austin Bay's notes here, especially the last thought:
The big race in 2006 was Lamont versus Lieberman. Joe Lieberman won. Joe’s core issue: VIctory in the War on Terror, which means victory in Iraq. That’s a warning to Nancy Pelosi and Co. If they go “nutsroots-Lamont Left” they will squander their victory. Ed Driscoll suggests 2006 is a race-to-the center. Lieberman has carved out one the strongest personal political position in America. For Joe, it’s November lemonade made from the bitter lemons of August.

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