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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Iranian drone spying on US aircraft carrier?

Video here allegedly taken by Iranian drone. 4 minutes.

Confederate Yankee has more.

Looks to me like some crew member of a helo was taking some tourist shots during a training mission.

UPDATE: Next they'll be claiming this launch was theirs:

UPDATE2: The thingie is the upper right hand corner of the alleged drone video is like a "picture in picture" image that mirrors what is shown in the main picture.

UPDATE3: An Iranian UAV described here with the following note:
Iran has been attempting to develop a UAV industry, and some of its UAVs were used operationally in 1997 to shadow US Navy operations in the gulf. Iran has developed the tactical Ababil-5, a medium-range reconnaissance and surveillance UAV, the Ababil-T, a short/medium-range attack UAV, and the Ababil-B and -S. Iran recently announced the production of two new variants of its indigenously developed Ababil UAV, one of which, dubbed Ababil-S, was designed specifically for ISR operations.
Previous report of a "buzzing" of USS Ronald Reagan in the Arabian Gulf from June 2006 here. Or maybe May 2006 here.

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