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Friday, May 18, 2007

India reacts to Tamil Tiger "Flying Corps"

Reported as Flying LTTE Tigers Help Spur India's Aerostat Radar Buy from Israel:
In spite of an interview in which Air Chief Fali Homi Major called the situation an irritant to India rather than a threat, the Indian military's reaction suggests that they are not taking the Tigers lightly. Part of their response includes a follow-on buy from Israel of very advanced surveillance radars mounted on tethered aerostat blimps...
Daily India reports that the attacks in Sri Lanka have raised "serious concerns" among the Indian defence forces "since there are greater chances that the high-range RADARS used by military might fail to detect the intrusion." This is very possible, given horizontal scan limits imposed by the horizon against low-flying aircraft.

The Times of India adds: "...especially with central and peninsular India being quite devoid of medium-level and low-level radar coverage, as reported by TOI earlier."

In response, The Indian Navy plans to press more UAVs into service around nearby coastal areas, and also plans to send 2 more ships into the region. The Indian Air Force (IAF) has reportedly mobilized small mobile Russian radars around strategic installations, including the nuclear plant at Kalpakkam.
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