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Monday, May 07, 2007

Somalia: Puntland Court fines fishing poachers in Somali waters

The original headline was about pirates capturing "Finnish" fishing boats, though that seems to have been confused (see here).

Now, as set out here, a Court in Puntland (a "semiautonomous" part of Somalia) has fined the crews of vessels caught fishing in Somali waters without permission:
The Supreme Court in the semiautonomous provincial administration of Puntland passed a ruling on foreign fishermen who were seized with their boasts early May while illegally fishing from the territorial water of the region in northeast Somalia.

The administration stated the boats originated from Europe and Middle East were caught while fish trawling from offshore of the regional government without permission.
Therefore Puntland Supreme Court sentenced the defendants to pay the following quantity of money: Each captain of the ship was sentenced to pay $500, and the captain of the boats is to pay $2,500 while each of the crew members is to pay $1,000. The nine boats were fined to pay $100,065 and the three ships are to pay $403,000."
Those sentenced are Yemeni and Egyptians. No Finns appear to have had anything at all to do with this affair.

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