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Monday, May 21, 2007

Latest ONI Worldwide Threat to Shipping Report (to 16 May 2007)

Latest ONI Worldwide Threat to Shipping Report (to 16 May 2007)found here. Some highlights:
1. SOMALIA: Piracy resumes in international shipping lanes off the Central East Coast of
Somalia as of 14 May 2007. Vessels report being fired upon approximately 190 NM off the
Somali coast in the vicinity of 01:20N 049:00E by gunmen in small white speedboats armed with
machine guns and rocket propelled grenades. Given the distance from shore these recent attacks
have occurred and poor weather conditions typical for this time of year, ONI assesses pirates are
likely utilizing a larger merchant vessel as a mother-ship to launch their small-boat attacks. The
International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has increased their recommended transit distance from 75
NM to 200 NM for vessels not calling on Somali ports. ONI further advises vessels stay at least
50 NM away from the position 01:02N 048:10E until the mother-ship threat can be evaluated.
1. LIBERIA: Refrigerated cargo vessel (TAHOMA REEFER) reportedly overtaken by
pirates and towed away12 May, while docked in Monrovia. The vessel ran into engine problems
and docked in Monrovia for four days while it awaited mechanical help. Two fishing boats
approached the vessel and approximately 25 prates jumped aboard brandishing machetes. Three
crewmembers were reportedly injured. A UN helicopter saw the vessel being towed away and
one person was arrested in connection with the incident. The vessel was last seen being towed
deep into neighboring Cote d’Ivoire waters. The vessel was carrying several thousand tons of
fuel used to power the vessel. The vessel was last reported as having been sold for scrap after
suffering a fire in Aug 06 (AP, LM: Shipping Times).
2. NIGERIA: (TRIDENT 8) boarded, attacked, personnel kidnapped 5 May, during dawn
off the coast. Gunmen boarded and seized a British oil worker from the (TRIDENT 8) rig.
Twenty-three other people were left unharmed. No demands have been made by the gunmen
3. NIGERIA: (DLB CHEYENNE) attacked, hostages taken 08 May at 2300 local time 10
km off Escravos, Delta State. The attack reportedly involved almost 40 gunmen on six small
vessels. Nigerian military personnel fought the attackers but could not stop the abductions of
four US oil workers. One Nigerian crewmember and three Nigerian naval personnel sustained
non-live threatening injuries during the attack and were treated onsite (Agencies).
4. NIGERA: Product tanker boarded, robbed 27 Apr at 0140 UTC in position 06:17.0N-
003:21.7E, Lagos outer anchorage. Two robbers armed with long knives boarded the product
tanker at anchor. The alarm was raised and the crew alerted. The robbers threatened crew with
knives and jumped into water with ship's stores. They escaped in a boat with four accomplices
5. NIGERIA: Tanker reported suspicious approach 23 Apr at 0115 local time in position
06:16.6N-003:15.47E, Lagos outer port limit. The duty officer onboard the tanker at anchor
noticed a tug named (CAPTAIN KOLA) approaching the vessel without reason. The tug came
within a range of 35 meters on the port quarter. The crew was alerted, kept a continuous watch
on the tug. There were four persons on the tug looking at the vessel. The tug moved slowly to
the starboard bow and then moved away (IMB).
6. NIGERIA: Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel (MYSTRAS)
attacked, hostages taken early 3 May at 0300 UTC in position 03:59N - 007:17E, while at anchor
55NM off the coast from Port Harcourt, Okono Oil Field. The Italian oil firm Eni SpA
confirmed hostages were taken from the vessel managed by its subsidiary. The nationalities of
the hostages are two Croatian, one Briton, one Romanian, and one Australian. Later the same
day, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta reportedly said in an e-mail that the
hostages were on their way back to Port Harcourt by boat and a local official confirmed
authorities planned to receive them at the state government headquarters (AP, IMB).
7. NIGERIA: Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessel (OLOIBIRI) attacked, hostages
taken 1 May, offshore Bayelsa State. Gunmen armed with dynamite seized six foreign workers
and killed a Nigerian government security member in an attack on the Chevron Nigeria Ltd.
vessel. The nationalities of the hostages are four Italians, one Croatian, and one American. The
vessel was moored near the Funiwa Platform. The FSO supports fields that currently produce
approximately 15,000 barrels of oil per day (gross production). The fields have been shut down
to avoid any additional security or safety incidents (Chevron, AP, LM).
8. NIGERIA: Security vessel (MIKE ONE) attacked 19 Apr in the evening, Delta Region.
Security sources stated that gunmen attacked the vessel and abducted three Nigerian staff as well
as seizing weapons and equipment. Another six people were injured and airlifted out of the area.
The security vessel was supporting drilling rig (TRIDENT 8) which was later shut down. The
incident occurred within a 10 minute boat ride from the oil rig (DON WALKER), and the staff
there had requested security reinforcements from the nearest naval base. Sources said the attack
on the vessel appeared to be criminal rather than politically motivated (REUTERS).

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