Landing the Big One

Landing the Big One

Monday, May 21, 2007

Martime Liaison Office Bahrain issues Somalia Warning

MARLO warning to stay well away from coast of Somalia can be found as MARLO Advisory Bulletin 20 May 2007:
Due to a recent resurgence of piracy off the coast of Somalia, MARLO repeats its previous advisory, and urges ALL VESSELS to REMAIN AT LEAST 200 NM OFF the eastern coast of Somalia.
Although there are Coalition Forces operating in the area, they cannot be everywhere monitoring every ship that passes the coast of Somalia. The Coalition Forces cannot stop these pirate attacks on their own. They need your help to effectively deal with the pirates. You can help yourselves by keeping a safe standoff distance from Somalia, and you can help Coalition Forces by informing them of any suspicious activity that you may observe.
Map roughly shows 200 miles distance from Somalia, whick coincides with Somali 200 nm EEZ, as set out here.

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