Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ICC CCS Weekly Piracy Report (to 8 Dec 08)

The ICC Commercial Crime Services Weekly Piracy Report to 8 Dec 08 can bew found here. Highlights:
16.11.2008: 0945 LT: Posn: 05:34.53N – 005:22.39E, Warri river, Nigeria. Several speedboats with heavily armed men approached a general cargo ship under pilotage. They fired warning shots into the air, ordered the pilot to stop the ship and demanded the gangway ladder to be lowered. The pirates boarded the ship and sailed it to a their rebel base where they anchored it. The 19 crew were taken ashore. The crew and ship was later released. No harm to crew.

06.12.2008: 1142 UTC: Posn: 06:42S – 046:58E, off southern Somalia (450 nm east of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania / 350 nm west of Seychelles islands). Two pirate skiffs were seen approaching a container ship underway. The 2nd mate increased speed, raised alarm, activated fire hoses and mustered crew on bridge. The pirates fired upon the ship with guns and RPG. Master activated SSAS, DSC distress and increased speed to maximum. After some time, the pirates stop firing and the distance increased. The pirates reloaded their weapons and start firing again. For some reason, one of the skiffs slowed down and the other boat was just trailing without firing. Finally, the two skiffs stopped and aborted the attempted attack. No injuries to crew. A fire broke out on board the vessel due to the gunfire and RPG. A white hulled fishing boat-like vessel was sighted 10 nm away, which could be the pirate mother vessel.
01.12.2008: 2100 LT: Posn: 02:51.00N - 104:19.00E,7.3nm off Teluk Juara, east of Pulau Tioman, Malaysia. Ten armed pirates boarded a tug underway. They threatened the master and crew with knives. Pirates tied up the crew with ropes and locked them in a compartment. They escaped with tug's and crew cash, documents and personal belongings. On 02.12.2008 at 0215 LT, the 2nd officer reported the incident to owners and owners instructed the master to sail the tug to Thailand. Incident reported to local police.

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