Monday, December 08, 2008

Somali Pirates: EU Arrives, NATO Leaves

Six ships and some Maritime Patrol Aircraft are joining the dozen or so warships already attempting to defend the sea lines of communication in the Gulf of Aden and off Somalia, as reported here:
Six EU warships and three maritime reconnaissance aircraft will patrol the region and escort cargo ships carrying relief aid through pirate-infested waters to Somalia, as the NATO vessels have done since the end of October. The NATO ships will return to Europe.

In addition to the alliance's ships, about a dozen other warships from the United States, India, Russia and Malaysia are patrolling the region.
UPDATE: A report that a risk averse cruise line is flying passengers around the piracy area and sending empty cruise ships through, as reported here:
Now I just received a note via email from my mother on the MS. Columbus, that the ship is being evacuated to prevent any possible encounter with the pirates. I guess the attempted attack on a cruise ship last weekend concerned the German cruise line. They are unloading all passengers in Hodeidah, Yemen and will fly them to Dubai, where they will spend 3 days in a Hotel. Then they will fly to Salala, Oman and continue their journey on the MS. Columbus. The Captain is facing the potential pirate encounter with a selected crew of 50. Hopefully he will be able to outrun the pirates as well!

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