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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nice move, Iran, you've even irked the Canadians

Iran, showing its usual deft sense of diplomacy, manages to select as a UN "human rights delegate" a man implicated in the death of a female Canadian photographer as reported here:
Canada expressed "disgust" on Wednesday at Iran's decision to send Tehran's chief prosecutor, Saeed Mortazavi, as a delegate to the new United Nations human rights council, saying he was implicated in the death of a Canadian photographer.

"The presence of Mr. Mortazavi in Iran's delegation demonstrates the government of Iran's complete contempt for internationally recognized principles of human rights," Foreign Minister Peter MacKay said in a statement.

"The government of Canada expresses its disgust at the fact that Iran would choose to include such a person in its delegation to a new U.N. body intended to promote the highest standards of respect for human rights."

Canada's relations with Iran have been frosty since 2003, when photographer Zahra Kazemi -- who held dual Canadian and Iranian citizenship -- died in detention after being arrested outside a Tehran prison.
Canadians are usually hard to get riled, but Iran seems intent on sticking a finger in the Canadian eye.

Dolts and clods seem to be in charge in Tehran now.

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