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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Philippines has to cut sea patrols, but argues "less is more"

Odd piece here:
SEA patrols, regularly conducted by the Philippine Navy and the Philippine Coast Guard, have decreased due to high fuel costs.

Commodore Ferdinand Golez, commander of the Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao, and Commodore Edmund Tan of the Philippine Coast Guard Southeastern Mindanao admitted this in Thursday's Gulf Forum at the Royal Mandaya Hotel.

Tan said that from the usual "unlimited" sea patrols they used to conduct, they are now averaging only 15 hours of patrol per month.

He said this is not just because of the high fuel prices, but can also be attributed to their limited budget.

Tan revealed that their gasoline allocation has not increased in the past years despite the fact that their fleet of vessels increased.

But Golez said that amid the decrease in their patrol hours it does not necessarily mean there is a decrease in their effectiveness.

Golez said they compensate this by conducting quality patrols.
15 hours a month? When does less = non-existent?

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